Kathleen Pembertion


Meet Kathleen Pemberton

Kathleen and I are partners, that is we live together (with Zosh a lowly dog). We also travel and paint together. Sometime before, Kathleen was my student, but now she’s my partner and sometimes I'm her student. As we travel together, she facilitates my classes (and trains my dog).

It doesn’t get better than that, now does it?
-John Cooper

Hello I'm Kathleen Pemberton a painter in the Plein Aire descipline. I am self trained with study in painting with the brush, Sumi, color theory and researching the master of Impressionism, the Fauves and the Group of Seven. I heve been in mentorship with John Cooper for several years now. We enjoy life and painting together

For over a year now, I have been a full time working artist. This is a quest in faith. Here are some of my paintings

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Exibit 1
Exibit 2    
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