Artists Statement,


It's apparent that I still think we have a choice think as we do.Faith that we do.

I maybe naive for retaining hope,and believing the future can remain good, that

my spirit counts and my FEELINGS still count. BUT,


If I don't beleive in myself, I cease to count. IF I COUNT, I retain my dignity and can

continue to be USE FULL to civilization. If I loose my dignity, I may become spirit dead, I may

become Evil or Wickedness . I may become a liability.


We are a species of spirit, and our spirit is low. We have endured much toxic effect of

this Bushism era: it fouls every well, not just it's own, turning hope into Gallows when it

should be a Lighthouse.


I think faith and hope don't have to be blind.!

As artists we project our feelings. Each little bit I can escape the foul well is some score

for the spirit side. May my net value be toward sustainable comfort, and good-will for

the breathing and living? May- be even happiness!


May we experience anew, a wellspring of goodwill this holiday Season.


Very Best Wishes,

John Cooper

Nov. 30, 2008


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