Instant Karma, Instant Justice


This idea is true and not true at the same time. It's kinda silly, just a joke, but more than a joke. The purpose of this mechanism [gun with curved barrel] is to render immediate retribution to whomever perpetuates violence. My idea of 'get what you give'! [to end war]

hense Instant Katma, Instant Justice'.

As we all aspire to justice, this ends the cycle of justice in the same instant that it is begun!

If I could make pancakes this good, I'd just about be Uncle Jemima.


For whomever has not seen the blueprint, its a AK 47 with a curved barrel that makes it AK 47 1/2 [that shoots the shooter] that I invented in a dream last winter. I got immediately up and drew it so I wouldn't forget. I didn't forget. I'm considering to start a factory to compete with the other AK 47's. Google tells me that there are 50,000,000,000 out there. Surely someone would want to end war. [Don't you think?]

Anyone with mechanical skills looking for a part-time job in your backyard garage, just apply, and I'll for sure give your resume serious consideration! [in my backyard garage office.]

Best, J. Cooper, Inventer, CEO in charge of Operations


"tokin chicken"

in honor of the chickens past